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How 24 Emergency Dentist Works To Help You

24 emergency dentist is what you should rely on when you are in some urgent situations like an intense toothache, knocked out teeth, or dental abscesses. These conditions make you need an emergency dentist and get immediate dental treatments. If you feel any discomfort or pain that makes you cannot sleep, or cannot do your activities, it means you need 24-hour dentist care.

Identifying Your Needs: 24 Emergency Dentist Vs. Visit The Hospital

You should call your 24 emergency dentist if you have no physical incident but your teeth or gums are so painful. The pain starts without any signs and warning but gets worse. Your dentist will ask you some questions. The goal is to determine whether your situation is bad or not. Also, you need to visit your emergency dentist if you have other incidents such as dislodged teeth, cracked teeth, or items that stuck between your teeth.

On the other hands, you should go to the nearest hospital if your jaw is broken. The emergency department will check whether there are severe damage teeth or lips. Call the doctor if your mouth cannot stop bleeding.24 Emergency Dentist

When Should You Call 24 Emergency Dentist?

There are some conditions you need to manage a dental emergency as below. Please note that if you act immediately and calmly, you can make a difference in saving and losing a tooth.

1. A Severe Toothache

Call it an emergency if the severe toothache is not getting better, but worst. It means you may have an abscess. Other than that, toothache can be the sign of decay you need to handle quickly but it is not an emergency. Simply, use water to rinse your mouth and take the counter pain while waiting for your emergency dentist.

2. Your Teeth Have Been Knocked Out

It is an emergency because it is possible to put back the tooth into your mouth if you handle it quickly. But, if the tooth is damaged or you cannot find the tooth, you may lose the tooth. What can you do?

First, locate the tooth. After that, pick the tooth up gently at the crown, and do it carefully so you are not touching the roots. Milk and saline solution can be the best way to rinse it. You should not touch the socket even you are using the tip of your tongue. If possible, turn the tooth into the right direction and then press it gently and firmly into the socket. It does not a big deal if you cannot do this. Still, you can put it into a container or some milk so it is moist and safe.

4. Bleeding From The Lips, Mouth, or Gums

You need an emergency dentist because bleeding from your mouth means you need a dentist to find the source of it. Finding the source of the bleeding helps you stop it as quickly as you can. You need warm water to rinse it out and clean your mouth. After that, use a compress, and apply gentle pressure to this area. Be sure that you make your appointment to see your 24 emergency dentist as soon as possible.


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