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Emergency Pediatric Dentist All Parents Must Know

The emergency pediatric dentist can do all general dentists can. Well, it depends on dentists. They may have other skills like periodontics, or orthodontics to help. These emergency dentists are able to manage pain and trauma.

On the other hands, the biggest reason why Americans cannot take the regular dental treatment is about the cost. In fact, if you find a private emergency pediatric dentist the cost can be about $200 or more for routine treatment, like exam and cleaning. Here is some important information about the emergency dentist for kids parents must know.

Emergency Pediatric Dentist Parents Should Know

If you think that your kids need a dental emergency, you may find an emergency pediatric dentist that provide same-day care. The saddest moment all parents may experience is when they are seeing their kids in pain. Of course, you will do anything to see your kids happy and healthy. It is uncommon to get pediatric dental emergency for kids, but still, it is important to protect your kids’ dental health.

If you have no idea about what is a pediatric dental emergency, it is actually dental issues you do not expect, but it requires immediate treatment or attention. Most of the problems come with severe pain. Some emergencies can impact new teeth. Here are the most common problems that you need to see pediatric dentists:

1. Lost Tooth

You should see an emergency pediatric dentist if your kid suddenly loses a tooth. Keep the tooth if you are able to find it. In addition, you should keep the tooth moist with milk, salt water, or saliva while you are driving to the dentist. If your kid is older, it is good to put the tooth back in its socket. Otherwise, hold it in their mouths.  On the other hands, you should not do this with younger kids that they can swallow the tooth.

The dentist may do their best to reintroduce it if the lost tooth is permanent. The procedure can be successful if we act as faster as we can. Nevertheless, if your kid loses a baby tooth, most dentists will not replace the tooth even though the loss was very early. Doing the reintroduction may only harm the incoming permanent tooth bud. But, you still bring your kid in for any emergency treatment to assess the damage.

2. Broken or Chipped Teeth

Chipped or broken teeth may happen since kid loves to rough-housing. The pain is considered whether the fracture occurs in the fracture or the crown. What you should do? You can treat the tooth with pain medicine for kids or a cold compress. After that, you should contact a dentist to do emergency dental care.

3. Tooth Pain

If your kid’s teeth hurt, they cannot verbalize any specific causes of the pain. In fact, there are various issues from the routine to severe. There are some causes of the problems like trauma, tooth eruption, tooth fracture, food stucks in their teeth, and cavities. So, the best way to do is to check their mouth to find any issues and rinse their mouths. If the pain is still there, it means your kid needs a treatment.

4. Displaced Teeth

At this point, we are not talking about teeth that get knocked out but knocked around. They become impacted, displaced, or crooked so, in the future, it can bring negative development. Therefore, it is important to concern on this matter. You can start a cold compress to treat the tooth while driving to your dentist office.

5. Dental Abscess

It is a nasty infection that occurs in the root of your kid’s tooth. If you do not check it immediately, the infection can spread to other parts of their body. There are some signs to help you such as fever, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, swollen gums, and severe jaw, tooth, or gum pain.

If your kid is experiencing any issues above, it is important to treat it immediately. You should act fast so they can get the right treatment sooner.

How To Find Emergency Pediatric Dentist

If your kid has injured, they need immediate treatment but your regular pediatric dentist is not available right now. Here, we provide you the tips on how to pick the right one immediately.

1. Find A Dentist That Makes You Comfortable

Even though you need immediate treatment for your kid, you should find an emergency dentist that has the same standards you use when you are choosing your regular pediatric dentist. It is all about using a few extra minutes to find a dentist who really cares about your kid’s dental health.

2. Make Sure The Dentist Specializes in Pediatric Dentistry

There are many dental emergencies need a dentist. Well, a dentist is what you need to deal with the knocked tooth, a lost cape, and other issues. But, the emergency should be specific to the kid. For example, if your kid is experiencing a loose or knocked out a baby tooth, it can cause profuse bleeding in his mouth. Therefore, you need an emergency children’s dentist that can help you with any issues. It is why you need a professional dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry.

3. Find Dentist With Flexible Payment Solutions

No one ever has planned dental emergencies. It is unpredictable and therefore if you have no cash on your hands, you should find a pediatric dentist who offers various payment methods. For example, some dentists do not mind if you have banks or Wells Fargo payments. Eventually, they do not mind if you fill out an application with few details about your financial condition. Once you get approved, the lender will pay the dentist to handle the emergency procedure. After that, you can make payments per month. This is a convenient way to support a lot of families.

4. Find A Welcoming Pediatric Dentist

Finding the right emergency pediatric dentist is not a fun experience. But, it is still good to try to find a dentist office that looks welcoming and fun for kids. If your kid is going to see a new dentist, they will be more comfortable if the place has a more inviting look and the staff can create an anxiety-free experience.

5. Check For Positive Reviews

It is all about the emergency situation. It means that there will be no time to talk to friends or family about their best recommendation. That is what will happen when you search for an emergency dentist for your kid. But, it is possible to take a couple of minutes so you can check out the rating of the clinics on Google, Facebook, and other sources. Here, you should check the patient reviews. It is hard to make a decision if you only have one or two reviews. But, if there is a dental clinic with lots of reviews like four or five-star average, it can be a good sign that you can trust them to handle your kid.

Other things about how to find the right emergency pediatric dentist are to check what they offer. For example, make sure the clinic provides payment plans, fun atmosphere, and anxiety-free process or not.

Things To Prepare For Dental Emergencies For Kids

We cannot predict everything in our life and sometimes something happens out of our control. Therefore, we cannot avoid any dental emergencies, but still, there are some preventative ways to do. Here is the following information on how to avoid any unwanted trip that brings your kid to the dentist.

1. A Mouthguard For Playing Sports

Well, you do not need this if you are golfing or swimming. But, if your kid is playing like wrestling, it is possible if his face and his teeth take a hit. Therefore, you should provide him a mouthguard to shield his teeth.

2. Oral Hygiene Routine

Help your kid to brush his teeth twice a day. Floss his teeth to help his teeth in a good and healthy condition. This way can reduce any possible dental issues.

3. Do Regular Checkups

Let a trained professional has its opportunity to take a look at his oral health. They can handle any spot or treat issues before they become a big issue.

4. Do Not Bite Hard Foods

Hard food like nuts, ice, and fruits with stones can cause damage in teeth and fillings. Therefore, you should teach your kids not to bite down hard on these things.

5. Use Teeth Appropriately

Tell your kids that they should not use their teeth to open the packaging. Doing this will only put unnecessary pressure and force on the teeth.

6. Do Not Ignore Sensitivity And Pain

When your kid has a regular toothache, discomfort, and sensitivity in their teeth, as a parent, you should not ignore this. The longer they are untreated, the more problematic they become.

Emergency Pediatric Dentist Without Insurance

If you need emergency pediatric dentist without paying too high and if you have no insurance for that, here are some options you should go with.

1. Dental Schools

There are two dental or dental hygiene programs in every state. For example, Alaska has four and New York has about 160. They are students who take the training for their graduation. Also, most schools have clinics. The students handle the public at low-cost. These clinics may charge you about half or even less for tooth services. But, it may take a little longer to handle your appointment since they work under licensed supervisors to check their work.

2. Public Dental Clinics

The locals, the state health departments, and the community health centers run clinics funded by the taxpayer. They get the grants from the federal government to charge the dental services at low, sliding or fixed fees based on your financial ability to pay for. Also, most clinics offer some treatments like exams, fillings, crowns, and tooth extraction. Others even provide emergency dentists.

3. Free Dental Clinics

There are many charities, non-profitable groups and professional dental communities donate the dental services. On the other hands, their waitlists may be long and closed altogether. Therefore, you should check any information, including their eligibility and requirement.

4. Nonprofit clinics

In fact, there are some cities provide dental clinics for people with no insurance, low incomes, and others who cannot afford the dental service. For example, if you live in Atlanta, you can try for The Ben Massell Dental Clinic. The staff is volunteer dentists and specialists. They provide a full-service range with no cost. Additionally, there is Nashville’s Interfaith Dental Clinic that works for people with low incomes and no insurance. You can pay based on your ability.

5. Donated Service

There are some state and national charities go with donated labor and materials to provide free support. For example, Mission of Mercy is a program provided by America’s Dentists Care Foundation. They provide free two-day dental clinics for children and adults. They do not require their participants to provide proof of income. So, you should check their availability to get the upcoming clinic supports.

6. Private Dentists

Some dentists have a few cases to handle per year for free. They sometimes accept referrals from other dentists to help kids who need oral treatments but their parents cannot afford the cost.

7. Government Dental Support

If you are unemployed, or if you cannot afford the cost for dental support, make sure that your family is possible to get Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Mostly, Medicaid charges no premiums per month and it covers dental care in full for children.

In conclusion, dental emergencies are different from medical emergencies. If there is no risk to life, it is not necessary to call 999. When you need dental emergencies for your kid, the first organization you should call is your dentist. You should take their advice and follow their instructions. Make sure that your kid gets urgent attention to deal with severe pain, swelling that affects eye or throat. Other urgent cases are unstoppable bleeding and a tooth that has been knocked out. Keep in mind that you should not panic so you can think about what the best thing to do to help your kid.



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